Week breakdown




During the first week of the program students will explore the various social structures and current issues of our global community and challenge their knowledge and understanding of what global citizenship means.

 Governance Structures and Systems
 Resources, History, and Power
 Human Rights
 Media Literacy
 Current Global Issues



During the second week of the program students will develop their own sense of identity and refine the necessary skills crucial for working with others within a diverse international community.

 Personal Identity
 Values and Responsibility
 Diversity and Respect
 Privilege and inequality
 Communication and Interconnectedness



During the final week of the program, students will design group projects, building on the knowledge and skills cultivated in the first two weeks. This project challenges students to find a way to ethically and responsibly engage in our global community to change the world.

 Shared Beliefs and Vision
 Challenges to Organization
 Ethical Decision Making
 Social Justice
 Making a Change